Pinball M - The Thing Pinball

Pinball M - The Thing Pinball

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Immerse yourself in the thrilling and suspenseful world of Universal’s 1982 classic film - The Thing. Use your pinball skills and battle against the shape-shifting alien through the arctic chill of U.S. Outpost #31. Can you trust anyone, even yourself? Chilling table features: - Survive the vicious attack of the Dog-Thing by shooting its tentacles. - It’s Bennings! Watch him transform and torch what he becomes. - You know you’re human, and some of your crew are still human too. Collect blood samples and shoot the reagent cartridge to reveal the impostor. - We found something in the ice! Lock, then bust open the balls for BURIED IN ICE multi-ball. - Rig your TNT to blow up the base and The Thing in a wild Wizard Mode. Why don’t you just… see what happens?

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Zen Studios

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Zen Studios

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