Pinball FX - Grimm Tales Trial

Pinball FX - Grimm Tales Trial

ZEN Studio Kft • محاكاة
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Surviving your own fairy tale, brave knight, requires first reliving seven of the Brothers Grimm's most classic stories. Find the seven dwarfs, awaken Sleeping Beauty, protect Little Red Riding Hood, escort Cinderella, and more. My, what big jackpots you have! Table features: - Destroy the Gingerbread House by hitting the captive ball - Wake up Sleeping Beauty with the Coffin Sinkhole - Watch out for the Angry Witch! She'll divert your balls and spill poison in your way - Light up the TALE targets to complete your knightly attire and multiply your points - Look in the Magic Mirror for random rewards - Destroy the Witch's Castle in a 7-ball Wizard Mode - Invite enough guests with the spinner to unlock a secret Wizard Mode

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ZEN Studio Kft

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ZEN Studio Kft

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