Match 3 Bundle of 3

Match 3 Bundle of 3

ChiliDog Interactive LLC العائلة والأطفال
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3 من اللغات المدعمة
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«Match three» is one of the most popular gaming genres in the whole world. It suits everyone with no exceptions — mothers, fathers, children, grandfathers and grandmas, dogs and cats, dolphins and mullets, robots and migratory birds. You can play «match three» at home or at work, at prison or at a country-house, at a 5-star resort or orbital station, at some deep wildlife taiga or even in Florida! This unique bundle unites 3 different «match three» that will appeal to anyone interested! Caves and Castles: Underworld — explore the dungeons, study magic and build your own city. Of course, while doing it all «match three» style. The old kingdom is here waiting for you and your exceptional magic talents! Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt is a more traditional «match three» with a heavy style influence based on Ancient Egypt setting. Help the desperate gods of Egypt to save their kingdom from harm by the mysterious dark menace! Catana — if you give a katana to a cat and let them study Hagakure, then you’ll truly see what Catana is. This non-trivial puzzle will let you walk through a long way from fighting veggies in your home garden to battling the aliens on your intergalactic crusades! Of course, you’ll still have to do it in fan-favorite «match three» style but with some peculiar changes.

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