Fishing Planet: Ultimate Sport Bundle

Fishing Planet: Ultimate Sport Bundle

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Don’t miss ULTIMATE SPORT BUNDLE! You heard right, kids: it’s a full pack of all PRO sportfishing tackle imaginable and we’re gonna hook you up with an absolute steal-deal! In essence, you get a knockout combo of all top-quality angling tools for outperforming your rivals in any sportfishing competition! Casting, bottom, carp, spinning, float, feeder, trout or ultralight - you name it...whatever the feat may be - this is one mega kick-ass sportfishing solution! PRO ANGLER SPORT BUNDLE includes: * 180 BAITCOINS * All rods, reels, storage slots, tackle setup slots, terminal tackle and equimpment from 9 of Fishing Planet’s most efficient pro tackle Sport Packs (Sport Ultralight Panfish Pack, Sport Spinning Trout Pack, Sport Heavy Casting Pack, Sport Float Pack, Sport Casting Bass Pack, Sport Topwater Night Pack, Sport Feeder Pack, Sport Bottom Pack, Sport Carp Pack) * Special outfit from the Sport Outfit Pack: Garry Scott™ SportFishing Cap, Jacket, Rod Case and BackPack

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