Epic Crime Collection

Epic Crime Collection

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The Epic Crime Collection Includes: The Black Adder Resort Mr. Coral, the manager of the Black Adder resort, has invited all six guests suspected of the murder of Boden “Boddy” Black Jr. to lay-low on his exclusive tropical island. Every guest accepts Coral’s invitation, only to find themselves in the middle of a new murder mystery! Case Files Revisited You may have closed the Black Adder resort Case, but the Case Files Revisited will blow it wide open! Two more guests were present when the crime was committed and new layers of evidence have come to light! Revisit the night of Callan Coral’s murder and discover the mysteries surrounding Gray and Hyacinth! WHISPERING PINES RETREAT In another reality, six familiar figures receive invitations to an exclusive, luxury wellness resort. But one of them has manifested a murder! Figure out which guest murdered Mr. Bodden “Boddy” Black in this brand-new tale of blackmail and corruption set amidst a tranquil forest. Eight More Crime Scenes - Coming Soon! Investigate new murders in nine original Crime Scenes exclusive to the video game. Unravel fresh webs of intrigue and deception. Examine fresh character profiles, with new motives and evidence, and much more besides! With a regular release schedule, you will have more mysteries to solve for years to come!

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