Easy Red 2: Stalingrad

Easy Red 2: Stalingrad

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The Volga River is not lost yet! Come on comrades! With Easy Red 2: Stalingrad you will expand the front to the East for the first time, in the heart of the Soviet Union. With this expansion a lot of new contents are added inside Easy Red 2, including: • New weapons, such as the PPSH41, Mosin 91/30 & M38, SVT-40, DP28, PTRD-41, TT-33, RGD-33 grenades and more. • New vehicles including T34-76 & T34-85, KV1 & KV2, Zis-3 cannon, Zis troop & AA truck, Maxim MG standard & AA, Katyusha, BA-10, the BT-7, the SU-76, the IL-2, the BF-110, steam boats and others. • New uniforms and accessories for the Russian army. • New voiceovers for the Russian army. • New props, items and buildings for the Mission Editor. • The new 'Stalingrad' map with various missions. The campaign will run between late 1942 and early 1943, and will include battles such as the Volga River crossing, fightings within the destroyed city, armored battles in the city's suburbs and in the surrounding countryside.

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