Easy Red 2: Ardennes

Easy Red 2: Ardennes

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Dive into the heart of history with the Easy Red 2 expansion, introducing two thrilling new campaigns: Blitzkrieg on Stonne - 1940: Witness the early chaos of World War II as you embark on the French Invasion in 1940, centered around the strategic Stonne area. Can you rewrite the fate of this pivotal battle? Ardennes Bulge - 1944: Shift gears to the late stages of the war in the Ardennes campaign, set in the unforgiving terrain of Bulge. Forge your path through the icy battlegrounds in a bid for victory. What's New: •Immerse yourself in two fresh maps and tackle 13 historically accurate missions, available for both attackers and defenders. •Take control of an impressive array of vehicles, including the Panzer II, Char B1 bis, FT-17, Citroen 23R, and more for the French campaign. Plus, unleash the Jagdpanther G1, M4A3E2 Sherman, and winter variants of base game vehicles in the Bulge campaign. •Arm yourself with authentic early war French infantry weapons, including the MAS36, MAS38, Lebel 1886, FM 24/29, and the Ruby pistol. •Experience revolutionary destructibility design, witnessing buildings crumble in a more realistic and immersive way than ever before in Easy Red 2.

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