Carnage Tower

Carnage Tower

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100 Floors. 4 players. Get in the elevator and let out absolute carnage. Team up with your friends in Carnage Tower with randomly generated co-op gameplay, making every playthrough a new experience. Level up your character, collect guns, and use powerups as you get closer to the top! Play classic mode or try out various game modes that keep on coming with every update. Carnage Tower is very easy to play, making it fun for all gamers to enjoy together. Purchasing Carnage Tower will also grant you special access to the exclusive discord chat group, where you can tell strangers on the internet about how you shot a roach in the face when it started to run at you with a pocket knife.

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Hub
  • PC


  • Local co-op
  • Local multiplayer
  • Single player
  • Xbox Live