Powerstar Golf - City Park Game Pack
Powerstar Golf - City Park Game Pack

Powerstar Golf - City Park Game Pack

Microsoft Studios • العائلة والأطفال • الرياضة
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Expand your Powerstar Golf experience with a new course, 3 new characters, new career events, and more! The tranquil parkland course at City Park features wide fairways, gentle slopes and easy-going greens to make most rounds of golf a relaxing affair. This item adds the following content to the game: • The 18-hole City Park course • A new golfer (Henry Copperbottom) to unlock, together with his Illusion Ball ability • PLUS an additional golfer & caddie (Reiko Kobayashi & Kirby Campbell) ready to use, together with Reiko’s Tesla Field ability and Kirby’s Shot Prediction skill! • 12 new career events to master, each with multiple goals & rewards • Henry & Reiko's custom gear (added to the Store) If this is your first game pack it also unlocks all game features, allowing you to: • Play on any course in Open Play and Local Multiplayer modes • Challenge other players’ best rounds in Rival Mode • Upload your own rival data for other players to challenge • Share and borrow caddies with friends • Unlock achievements

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