Christmas New Year (Story One)

Christmas New Year (Story One)

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بسعر مخفض: وفر ‪ر.س.‏‎15.00‬، ends in 22 days
بسعر مخفض: وفر ‪ر.س.‏‎15.00‬، ends in 22 days


Zane is happy to have a girlfriend that's famous! AND it's close to Christmas time and the new year, too?! But it's getting chilly in the city with the cold air and frozen streets! What adventures and drama are in store for him and his friends? How will the life of everyone change this holiday season? Play today and watch the story unravel in Project: Summer Ice 4 - Christmas New Year! **This game is a work in progress! New stories to play are added to the game via free updates, so have fun seeing the game grow with each new update! Thank you for playing, watching, and reading!** [Game Features] -Multiple playable characters -Simple game play and controls -A game in the Project: Summer Ice series [Character Profiles] [[[( Here are some of the characters you'll see on your adventure! )]]] Zane: A first year college student. He's happy to have a girlfriend of high social status in the city! He feels very popular among his friends! "I finally have a girlfriend! And she's famous, too! This is going to be the best Christmas ever!" Gina: Zane's new girlfriend. The daughter of the local church's minister. "I've felt like I'm at the tail end of society. I may have wasted my life before, but I've got a boyfriend now! He'll support me now!" Pammy: A friend of Zane. A first year college student. "It's strange... I was fine when he was single, but now that Zane has a girlfriend... Why are my feelings changing?" [This game is recommended for people who enjoy or are looking for...] -the Project: Summer Ice series -the My First Date series -simple, classic styled RPG with a deep story -a 2D pixel art RPG with Christian themes -a JRPG with strong and compelling characters -Christian anime and manga -games for tween, teen, and young adult boys and girls -an anime JRPG featuring Bible principles -games about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit -Bible based games -JRPG -fairy tales -a story driven, classic styled "old school" rpg -girly games -manly games -a modern romance story -a game for a boy or girl -dating sims -an RPG without a sword and shield as the weapon, or monster encounters -cute games -a romance game in the style of classic JRPG -a Christian themed JRPG that anyone can play [About the Project: Summer Ice series] Project: Summer Ice is a series of video games, books, and animations about characters who are pursuing their future dreams and future romances! The series began with the original Project: Summer Ice video game released on July 14th, 2017, and has continued to this day with many different products! Learn more about the series, the characters, and find a timeline of events at our official website: [Visit us online at our official website today!] [Watch our videos on YouTube today!] [Check out news about this and other games at our social media today!] Instagram: Twitter: Project: Summer Ice 4 - Christmas New Year © 2017-2021 Myron Kevan Tynes Jr. / All Rights Reserved. Built with RPG Maker MV ©2015 GOTCHA GOTCHA GAMES/YOJI OJIMA. All Rights Reserved. Additional credits for the RPG Maker MV engine can be viewed at:

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