GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

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Game Features

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Grab a chair, you're one of us!

There's only one GWENT®, but there are several factions you can command. The mighty Nilfgaardian Empire, proud Skellige, brutal Monsters, cunning Northern Realms, shadowy Scoia'tael – each offer a different playstyle you can adjust via friendly deckbuilder and elegant card-crafting mechanics.

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Outsmart your opponent!

GWENT® is as much a battle of force, as it is a battle of wits. We’ll always try to match you up with a player whose cards are of similar strength to yours. To win, play it smart and lure your opponent into using up their cards first. Alternatively sacrifice one round and take the game by emerging victorious in the next one.

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A world begging to be explored!

Brought to you by the creators of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the single player campaign of GWENT® thrusts players into an event-rich world they can roam freely. To be released in episodes, the story unfolding in the campaign will feature the choice and consequence mechanic the Witcher games are known for.

Trailers and Gameplay

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Game Details

GWENT IS FREE TO PLAY NOW! From the home of The Witcher, developer CD PROJEKT RED, comes a different type of collectible card game. Based on skill rather than luck, GWENT gives you command of highly customisable armies, and encourages use of strategy and deception to defeat opponents.

Sling powerful unit & spell cards, and summon heroes with game-changing abilities – on GWENT’s battlefields, clever tricks used to deceive other players are always a viable tactic.

Played in a best of three format, GWENT is fast, fun and fresh – and now you can play it with friends.

While offering some serious, mind-bending tactical possibilities, GWENT remains a game you can learn to play in less than 15 minutes. There’s a friendly tutorial built right into the game! With additional cards coming in the future, GWENT is endless fun!

Additional Information

  • Publisher
  • Developer
  • Genre
  • Collectible card game
  • Platforms
  • Xbox One
    Windows 10
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Public Beta

  • Pick a side, build your deck and battle friends from around the world!
  • There’s only one GWENT, but there are several factions you can choose to command.
  • Play for fun with friends or enter ranked battles in pursuit of fame and glory!
  • With additional cards coming in the future, GWENT is endless fun.
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