Pinball FX - Peanuts' Snoopy Pinball

Pinball FX - Peanuts' Snoopy Pinball

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It's Peanuts' Snoopy Pinball! Join Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts on their adventures. Table features: - Climb the doghouse and defeat the Flying Ace's arch-enemy: The Red Baron - Snoopy in Space! Gear up and collect moon rocks, but watch out don't run out of oxygen - Your pinballs are stuck on the Kite Eating Tree, shake them off for multiball - Help Woodstock get back to the nest by guiding the Woodstock Ball on the table - Can Charlie Brown kick the football this time? Shoot combos to find out - 5 cents please! Shoot Lucy's Booth for advice... and random awards

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ZEN Studio Kft

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ZEN Studio Kft

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