Zaccaria Pinball - The Campaign
Zaccaria Pinball - The Campaign

Zaccaria Pinball - The Campaign

Magic Pixel Kft. • الكلاسيكيات • محاكاة

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This DLC unlocks Campaign mode. DESCRIPTION Campaign mode offers you a never seen pinball experience with RPG elements. FEATURES - More than 150 unlockable levels. A level includes a pinball table with some tasks. - 7 upgradeable pinball parts (Battery, Plunger, Flipper Lenght, Ball Size, Time, Multiball, Nudge, Task) - Completion of a level gives you coins to spend for upgrades. - The more levels are unlocked, the more tasks levels have. - The main goal is to get the treause chest that includes a surprise for you!

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Magic Pixel Kft.
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Magic Pixel Kft.
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