Mighty No. 9 - Ray Expansion
Mighty No. 9 - Ray Expansion

Mighty No. 9 - Ray Expansion

Deep Silver • لعبة المنصة
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A mysterious robot named RAY has appeared and our hero Beck has been tasked with infiltrating an abandoned lab to search for her. Discover the origins of RAY and join her in her quest for answers. * Take on the all-new "Vermilion Destroyer" stage * Face off against RAY in an epic boss battle * Experience an exclusive story from RAY's perspective as you play through single player levels as RAY with all new abilities * Featuring a unique spin on the core gameplay - battle against constant health degeneration by pushing forward and quickly abosorbing enemies * Unravel the mysteries of the Vermillion Destroyer and RAY's origins

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Deep Silver
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INTI Creates
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