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It was supposed to be a simple mission. All I had to do was collect some samples from a contaminated area under the sea. As soon as I left the ship, everything went wrong. Communications were lost and my submarine crashed on the ocean floor. I survived, but my oxygen is running low and I can't contact anyone for help. All I can do is move forward with this operations drone as my only companion. Trouble is, it's been acting sort of weird lately. Almost as if it's trying to sabotage my mission... Anoxemia is a story-driven exploration game that puts you in control of the scientist Dr. Bailey and his operations drone, ATMA. Search the ocean floor as you discover and extract samples from the bowels of the underwater caves. Danger lurks in each passageway, from poison drifts to powerful ocean currents, mines leftover from the war, and mobile machines running haywire. There's also the ever-present risk of running out of oxygen. Fortunately, ATMA can help guide you to your destination using a few special tools and upgrades. Assuming you can find them, that is. The world of Anoxemia is both breathtaking and perilous. The seas are quiet most of the time, but as soon as you see a flashing light or hear a noise echoing from the distance, you know it's time to run. Of course, there are some dangers you just can't run from. Dangers you don't even know exist. Dangers from within... Key features: -Unique sci-fi horror story that unfolds while you play -Explore 35+ levels of unique underwater terrain -Find and equip several different items and upgrades -Solve puzzles that require quick reflexes and clever thinking -Voiced narrative that gives insights on the main character's thoughts -Challenging gameplay

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BadLand Games

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BSK Group

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