Headsets and Communication

Stay in touch with your friends online with the easy-to-use text chatpad or wired and wireless gaming headsets.

Xbox 360 Chatpad

Let your fingers do the talking with the Xbox 360® Chatpad. Easily chat while you’re playing, text with friends, redeem codes on Xbox LIVE as fast as your fingers can fly.

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Xbox 360 Headset

The Xbox 360 Headset heightens the experience of the Xbox LIVE online gaming community, allowing you to strategise with teammates, trash-talk opponents, or just chat with friends while playing your favourite games.

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Wireless Headset with Bluetooth

The ultimate in wireless headsets for Xbox 360! Switch between conversations on Xbox Live and your Bluetooth device (mobile phone for example), this is the only product that allows you to do that on Xbox 360. Improved audio and design make this the must-have headset for Xbox 360. Or just use it with your mobile phone via Bluetooth!

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Warhead™ 7.1 Dolby Wireless Surround Headset

TRITTON's Warhead 7.1 Wireless Surround Headset is a truly wireless solution - - no need to connect a chat cable to your Xbox 360 gaming controller! A robust 5.8GHz wireless signal ensures interference-free operation from other 2.4GHz wireless devices and provides crystal-clear audio at a range of 33 feet.

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