In his present role, Todd Holmdahl leads the Incubation team for the Interactive Entertainment Business responsible for continually exploring new technologies, new consumer experiences, and new business models. Holmdahl works with various internal and external partners on planning, scoping, and prototyping future interactive entertainment scenarios.

Holmdahl has played an instrumental role as one of the founding fathers of the Xbox brand. Since the inception of Xbox, Holmdahl has helped create the vision, lead the console design, development and manufacturing effort, and recruited and developed an exceptionally talented team including the team currently developing “Project Natal.”

Holmdahl joined Microsoft after working at Fluke Corp. on handheld test equipment engineering. Before assuming his role with Xbox, Holmdahl worked in the group responsible for developing Microsoft mouse products, which introduced innovative products such as the Microsoft Wheel Mouse and Microsoft Optical Mouse during his tenure. Holmdahl holds a master's degree and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University.