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Xbox 360® 320GB Media Hard Drive

Take your Xbox 360 entertainment to the next level! Add 320GB to your Xbox to get more space for more fun.

Xbox 360® 320GB Media Hard Drive

With the whopping 320 GB Media Hard Drive, you’ll get more space for games, HD movies and demos. Even install game discs to your hard drive. Includes three downloadable Xbox 360 games*: Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit, Ms. Splosion Man, and Pinball FX2 (with Sorcerer’s Lair).


*Download games from Xbox LIVE; storage space required (Need For Speed™ Hot Pursuit 4.33 GB, Ms. Splosion Man 1.94 GB, Pinball FX2 Core Game 323 MB and Sorcerer’s Lair 55 MB). Broadband Internet required (sold separately). Cards with download codes inside.

Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit