Introducing Kinect for Xbox 360
All You Need is You

Kinect for Xbox 360 is changing the game. Well, it’s changing how you play games. Because with Kinect, there are no controllers. Or remotes. There’s just you. And if you ask us, that’s all you need.

Why Kinect?

Full Body Gaming

Controller-free gaming means full body play. Kinect responds to how you move. So if you have to kick, then kick. If you have to jump, then jump. You already know how to play. All you have to do now is to get off the couch.

Something For Everyone

Whether you're a gamer or not, anyone can play and have a blast. And with advanced parental controls, Kinect promises a gaming experience that's safe, secure and fun for everyone.

It’s All About You

Once you wave your hand to activate the sensor, your Kinect will be able to recognize you and access your Avatar. Then you'll be able to jump in and out of different games, and show off and share your moves.

Games Are More Amazing

When you are the controller. Literally. Pet a tiger, battle against the dark side, or race supercars from your living room. It’s all part of the fun with Kinect.
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What People Are Saying:

4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Winner of the Parents’ Choice Gold Award.

Dashboard Update Coming Holiday 2011. Light Dashboard UI Coming Spring 2012. Xbox LIVE Gold membership and/or other subscriptions/fees apply for some Xbox LIVE features. Kinect functionality available with select Xbox LIVE content and varies by feature, provider, and region. See . Broadband internet, games and content sold separately.