Kinect PlayFit

Play Games. Be Active.
Burn Calories.

Get the PlayFit app by visiting Kinect Central from the home page of your Xbox 360 dashboard. Check out the Fitness & Dance section, and download the app. Get credit for the calories you burn while playing Kinect for Xbox 360. Track your progress over time, and see how you stack up against your friends and across the globe. Show off to your friends online, complete Xbox achievements, and earn free avatar awards.*

Key Features

Get Kinect PlayFit

On your Xbox 360 Home screen, visit Kinect Central in the upper-right corner. Then choose Fitness & Dance to access and download the Kinect PlayFit app.

Check Your Calorie Stats

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, total
  • Compare to community
  • Personal bests

Friends Leaderboards

  • Compare rankings with friends
  • View your relative global score
  • Send messages to friends

Earn Achievements

  • Earn fun bonus avatar awards
  • Post achievements to Facebook