Experience the adventures and fairytale world that made Fable a beloved gaming series in a new and unique 4 vs 1 multiplayer setting.

Free-to-Play and Cross-Device

Download and play for free on Xbox One with Xbox Live Gold and Windows 10 PC*. Choose to play on your console or PC, and play with or against your friends on either platform with cross-device multiplayer.

Be a Hero

Unleash the Hero you were born to be and vanquish dastardly Villains.

Be the Villain

Revel in the power of evil as you command hordes of minions against mighty Heroes.

Fulfill a Hero's Destiny...

Star as the Hero in single player with AI partners, or unite with friends to forge victory together. Who do you want to be? A fearless warrior? A cunning trickster? Or a paragon of virtue? Maybe you'll become a heartless mercenary or just a chicken chaser. On your way, you'll unlock special abilities, customize your appearance and find incredible treasures.*

...or Create a Villain's Empire

Play the bad guy as never before. As the Villain, take control of the many creatures, traps and hazards that Heroes must overcome. When those pitiful Heroes enter your domain, you choose which minions to send into battle, ensuring your evil plans come to fruition.

Experience an All New Albion

"Fable Legends" brings you back to picturesque Albion, a place where anything is possible and history and myth are one and the same. Each adventure represents an opportunity to discover a story that builds on your accomplishments. Albion is a unique fantasy land where epic, tragic, and comic stories intertwine, creating a one-of-a-kind experience.

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