Verizon FiOS on Xbox LIVE

Verizon FiOS on
Xbox 360

If you’re a Verizon FiOS TV and Internet customer, you’re just a few steps away from watching select FiOS TV channels live on your Xbox 360. Download the Verizon FiOS TV application and get started today!

Prepare to be Amazed

Watch select TV channels including HBO, Cartoon Network, CNN and more to come on your Xbox 360 with the Verizon FiOS TV app for Xbox. It’s easy to get access to the same great content you watch on FiOS TV on your Xbox.

Interactive Media Guide

Enjoy the same features of the Interactive Media Guide as you would on your set-top box, with TV Guide Listings, Favorite Channels, Search, and more.

Parental Control

Apply the same Xbox Family Center parental controls settings to set limits on what your children can watch.

It's Better with Kinect

Use gesture and voice commands with your Kinect* to change the channel or browse the Guide.

Setup Overview

Setup step 1

Get an Xbox Live Gold membership

Sign up for Xbox Live Gold and take your Xbox 360 online for games, HD movies and more.

Setup step 1

Subscribe to Verizon FiOS

Sign up for Verizon FiOS triple play and get Halo: Anniversary and Xbox Live Gold for 12 months.

Setup step 1

Connect your Xbox to FiOS

Make sure your Xbox is connected to your FiOS home router, either wired or wirelessly.

Setup step 1

Download the Verizon FiOS app

Download the Verizon FiOS TV app from either the TV tab or App tab on your Xbox dashboard.

*Kinect Sensor (sold separately) required for voice search, voice and gesture controls.