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Play on the fastest, most reliable gaming network.

Xbox Live. The fastest, most reliable gaming network.

Rated highest for network speed and reliability by an independent study, Xbox Live provides console gamers with the fastest, most dependable multiplayer experience possible. Whether it’s quick matchmaking or performance you can rely on, here’s why a better gaming network makes all the difference.



The fastest way from login to gameplay.

Xbox Live gets you to the action faster than any other console gaming network. Don’t let anything get in the way of your game again – especially slow logins or loading speeds.

Multiplayer you can depend on.

When it comes to multiplayer gaming, network reliability is everything. Fewer dropped games means more dropped opponents. It’s time to play on a network that delivers as well as you do.

A premium, best in-class social experience.

With a faster network comes better, more life-like voice chatting and quicker upload speeds. Start parties in no time and connect with friends like they’re in the same room.

The NFL plays on Xbox Live

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Through an independent study conducted by IHS Markit, Xbox Live was tested head-to-head against Sony’s PlayStation Network, evaluating network speed, reliability, and the overall network gaming experience.

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According to an independent research study by IHS Markit, Xbox Live tested the highest in gaming network speed, reliability and social experience in the US and UK.

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