Xbox LIVE Account Security

Microsoft Account Security

Account security is one of our top priorities at Xbox LIVE. By working together, we can help improve Microsoft account security today and reduce the pain this causes for everybody.

Click the links below to ensure you have the right information in protecting your account, learn the different ways accounts can be compromised and find out what to do if your account has been stolen and how we can help. By working together, we can help improve Xbox LIVE security for everyone.

How to Protect Your Microsoft Account

Follow these top five steps to make sure your Microsoft account is as secure as possible along with additional steps you can take. Learn how to get your account back in the event of theft using just your mobile phone. Check the strength of your password, find out how to enable online safety settings and more.
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Xbox LIVE Security Checklist

Types of Account Theft

The simplest form of account theft can occur when you share your account information such as Microsoft account and password with someone else (on purpose or by accident). Keep your account safe by never sharing your account and/or password with anyone, and by avoiding these common scams and phishing schemes.
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Types of Xbox LIVE Account Theft

Has Your Microsoft Account Been Compromised?

Have you noticed unauthorized charges on your credit card statement? Have you received a pop up message, like an achievement, that says

[Gamertag] was last signed in on another console?

If you know your profile has not been on another console and you believe your account has been compromised, find out how we can help.

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Do You Believe Your Xbox LIVE Account Has Been Compromised?