Fitness on Xbox 360

Playing games with Kinect is an awesome way to make exercise fun. To get more out of the exercise experience, you can choose to provide attributes to make your exercise information more accurate. This page describes what information can be provided, what you can do with it, how you can share it or delete it, and how parents can control exercise information and exercise stats for teen and child accounts.

What is Exercise Info?

Exercise info includes attributes and exercise stats.

Attributes include height, weight, year of birth and gender and help the game or service better estimate your exercise stats.

Exercise stats are generated by interacting with a fitness tracking game or application, and includes things like:

  • Calories: How many calories you burned
  • Duration: How long you've worked out
  • Feedback: Measurement of physical activity in Kinect games and apps

Exercise stats can also include, depending on the game or service:

  • Measurements of fitness in the areas of strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Changes in attributes over time
  • Rankings in challenges and contests that you choose to enter
  • Rankings in leaderboards, such as "Most push-ups ever"

Data Collection

Am I required to provide attributes?

No, you are not required to provide attributes, but you have the option of providing your height, weight, year of birth, or gender. This enables the game to generate more accurate exercise stats so you can get the most out of your fitness routine. If you don’t want to provide this information, approximate exercise stats will be generated.

What exercise information does the console collect, and what does the console do with it?

We use some information from Kinect to determine the level of exertion, calories burned and duration of play. Titles can also use the information to determine the accuracy of movements as a measure of ability with that exercise, as well as to determine the number of repetitions performed, etc.

For more information about managing exercise information for Fitness on Xbox 360, visit the Fitness on Xbox 360 Privacy and Online Safety page here.

Exercise Info Privacy Settings

What control do I have over managing my exercise information?

You can use privacy settings to manage who can view your exercise info and whether it is shared. You can also choose to delete your exercise info from your Xbox 360 console and from the Xbox Live service.

Your attributes stay with your profile, are not shared with Xbox Live members, and transmission to Fitness titles is controlled by privacy settings.

Exercise Info Sharing is the privacy setting for the fitness platform.

  • Offline: Exercise Info generated on the Xbox 360 console is stored locally. This option is the default setting for new customers who play fitness titles on their Xbox 360 console. For new customers who play fitness titles on an Xbox One console, the default is “Block.”
  • Block: Exercise Info is synced to your Xbox Live account and stored privately with your online profile. This means your exercise information is available to you for online play and roaming, so you can log in to multiple consoles, or access your information in the cloud. Nothing is visible to your Xbox Live friends.
  • Friends: Exercise Info is synced to your Xbox Live account, and all your exercise stats (both now and historic) are visible to your Xbox Live friends.
  • Everyone: Exercise Info is synced to your Xbox Live account, and all your exercise stats (both now and historic) are visible to “Everyone”.

Can I delete my exercise info?

You can delete your exercise info at any time. This does not affect your Gamerscore, game specific services, leaderboard info, or achievements earned.

If you have played fitness games on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, your exercise info may be generated in multiple places. Therefore, deleting your exercise info generated playing Xbox 360 games does not necessarily delete your exercise info generated playing Xbox One games. Exercise info generated using the Xbox Fitness app on Xbox One is stored online and available for you to delete from the Xbox Fitness app. Exercise info generated with Xbox 360 using many different fitness titles can be deleted from within those titles, or from Settings on your Xbox 360 console.

What family settings do you provide to help protect children's privacy and online safety, and to manage their exercise information?

New customers, either with Xbox 360 or Xbox One, have default settings that focus on their privacy. Sharing with Friends only happens if you choose to adjust your privacy settings to allow that for yourself (for adults) or if the parent or adult in the family allows (for child and teen accounts). The setting for exercise info for a new customer defaults to the most conservative option for that console version.

Changes you make to how you share exercise information will apply to both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

What are the default sharing settings for children and teens?

For child and teen accounts, the default is no sharing. The parent or adult in the family can change this choice for child or teen accounts.