Survival Starts in the Core

From the legendary creator Keiji Inafune and the makers of Metroid Prime comes “ReCore”, an action-adventure masterfully crafted for a new generation. As one of the last remaining humans, forge friendships with courageous robot companions and lead them on an epic adventure through a mysterious dynamic world.

Winner of 12 “Best of E3” Awards

Collect and customize

Defeat dangerous foes

Explore a dynamic world

Collect and customize

Build your perfect battle party by collecting and customizing Corebot companions.

Defeat dangerous foes

Lead your Corebots into battle against dangerous robots, including devious bosses.

Explore a dynamic world

Sandstorms constantly shape the planet, revealing new adventures.



Joule Adams

One of the first brave volunteers for the Far Eden colony, Joule Adams wakes after centuries in cryo-sleep to find that nothing has gone according to plan. With her trusty Corebot companion, Mack, Joule begins her adventure in Far Eden to save mankind from a terrible fate.



Mack (K-9)

Designed for cheerfulness and loyalty, the Mack core is most comfortable in the K-9 frame. Like other Corebots of his type, Mack is responsible for the tracking and retrieval of components vital to the upkeep of “Far Eden's” atmospheric processors and other equipment. Mack is also the designated companion of Joule Adams.



Seth (SP-DR)

Shy and sometimes fearful, Seth is nonetheless an extremely capable core who excels inside the SP-DR frame. Corebots of Seth’s type were assigned delicate, details-oriented construction tasks high above the shifting sands of Far Eden. Despite his nervous nature, Seth can reliably lift loads many times his weight over great distances.



Duncan (AP-3)

A rugged Core with a gruff and stubborn personality, Duncan is well-suited to the AP-3 frame. In this configuration, Duncan was originally tasked with excavating the foundations of the Far Eden colony. But he will now aggressively smash rocks and other obstacles that have clogged colony facilities over time.

Game details

From the legendary creator Keiji Inafune, and the makers of Metroid Prime comes ReCore, an action-adventure crafted for a new generation.



Game Rating

Teen Violence


Armature, Comcept

Release Date





6.45 GB - 9.17 GB


Microsoft Studios


Action & Adventure



Windows 10 System Requirements

Minimum Spec

Windows 10 Anniversary (v.1607) (64 bit)

Direct X 11

Intel Core i5 3550 @ 3.3 GHz or AMD Equivalent
AMD Radeon R7 370 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX





Windows 10 Anniversary (v.1607) (64 bit)

Direct X 11

Intel Core i5 4750 @ 3.2 GHz or AMD Equivalent
AMD Radeon R9 290X or NVIDIA GeForce GTX



RAM: 16 GB

Ultra Spec

Windows 10 Anniversary (v.1607) (64 bit)

Direct X 11

Intel Core i5 4770 @ 3.3 GHz or AMD Equivalent
AMD Radeon R9 Fury X or NVIDIA GeForce GTX

1080/980 Ti


RAM: 16 GB

Xbox Play Anywhere

Support Xbox Play Anywhere: yours to play on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, and bring all your saves, game add-ons, and achievements with you.

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