Target Ticket on Xbox 360

Target Ticket on
Xbox 360

Buy, rent, download or stream the latest movies and TV shows you love without a subscription. It's a snap to set up and easy to manage with parental controls and individual playlists.

Target Ticket on Xbox360

Explore your options

Target Ticket makes it a breeze to browse titles or search for your favorites. Choose from over 30,000 titles, including new releases and next-day TV shows, with more titles being added every day.

Easy to manage

Parental controls, individual playlists and common sense ratings make it easy to customize your favorites and manage what kids watch.

There's more

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Setup Overview

Setup step 1

Get an Xbox Live membership

Take your Xbox 360 online for games, HD movies and more.
and more.

Setup step 1

Sign up for Target Ticket

Create a free Target Ticket account and get access to over 30,000 of the latest new releases, exclusive content and next-day
TV shows.

Setup step 1

Sign in on your Xbox 360

Once you have a Target Ticket account, download the Target Ticket application on your Xbox 360 console and sign in to your account to instantly watch the latest movies and TV shows.