LastFM on Xbox 360

Personalized Radio with on Xbox 360

Mix it up with on Xbox Live and enjoy a great personalized radio experience. Discover new music from's 13 million unique tracks, a quarter of them unsigned artists from the hottest indie labels. Turn your TV into the world's smartest jukebox with, Xbox Live and Kinect.

LastFM screen on Xbox360

The More You Listen, the Smarter It Gets

Start with an artist or a genre and we'll create a personalized radio stream you'll fall in love with. As you listen, we build a history of what you play and use your taste to make music and event recommendations available on Xbox Live, mobile and the web.

You are the Controller

You Are the Controller

Use Kinect for Xbox 360 and leave your controller behind. Choose your music with voice commands, or use gesture controls to flip and skip your way through great music.

Jerico, Say it, then play it

Love It or Hate It?

Help learn your musical tastes by skipping, banning or loving tracks. Love a track and you'll hear it more often -- ban a track and you'll never hear it again.

Setup Overview

Setup step 1

Join Xbox Live

A FREE Xbox Live account also gets you a free 14-day trial of on Xbox 360.

Setup step 1

Fire Up

Go to Music Marketplace on your Xbox Live dashboard and select to get started.

Setup step 1

Subscribe to

After your free trial, join to keep the ad-free personalized radio playing, on Xbox Live, mobile phone and the website. requires an Xbox Live membership.  Kinect Sensor (sold separately) required for voice search, voice and gesture controls.