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Trixie360 Interviews EFE Ninja Wolf

Published October 8, 2008

She's a California high school student who loves Guitar Hero and hates homework. Say hello to EFE Ninja Wolf.

trixie360: What's the story behind your Gamertag?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Well my original Gamertag was Venome Wolf, but I met an awesome clan (EFE, WOOHOO!) and now I am EFE Ninja Wolf, cuz well … I like ninjas. x)

trixie360: Where do you live?

EFE Ninja Wolf: I live under people's beds. NOT. I live in Northern California. I ain't tellin' where though … stalkerssss.

trixie360: What do you do at this undisclosed location?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Well, I *AM* a freshman now, and I'm an average student … in band, haha!

trixie360: What's the worst or weirdest job you've ever had?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Hm … I've never had a job before, but I HAVE had some pretty messed up chores. One was cleaning up cat puke. Dang, does that stuff STINK! Another was doing my homework. Obviously, worst job ever. Period.

trixie360: How long have you been on Xbox LIVE®?

EFE Ninja Wolf: About 2 years now, 3 next February.

trixie360: Do you have an archenemy on Xbox LIVE?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Psh, I have so many archenemies. Nah, no enemies really, just little ol' BhindUwitAknife. He's da bomb (literally, *snickers*) and I've known him ever since I joined Xbox LIVE. I met this little—sorry, I mean, STRONG—young man through his momma when me, my dad, and her used to play. Yeah we've known each other since then and well, we DO get competitive sometimes, hehe. But yeah. Don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy, with a sweet personality, and cool.

trixie360: How many hours a day or week do you spend playing on Xbox LIVE?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Well, since school just started again (BOOOO!) probably not long now unless it's Friday.

trixie360: What's the hardest thing about being a female gamer on Xbox LIVE?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Insults and little comments that offend me. Honest to God, I got so mad this one time at some punk a—please excuse my language haha, sorry—BRAT in a game that I literally muted everyone else, and screamed so much stuff at him. I mean he was probably only 12 or 13, but hey, if you mess with a 14-year-old very temperamental girl like me, trust me when I say this: HELL WILL BE UNLEASHED. Hehe.

trixie360: Are there any advantages?

EFE Ninja Wolf: There are SOME advantages. Guys don't push you around as much, and well, you meet some really nice people. :)

trixie360: What's your Xbox setup like?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Oh jeeze, lemme ask my Dad, haha. In my own words, it's a standard TV with an Xbox®. In my Dad's words, it's a 32-inch television with regular sound and my little Xbox.

trixie360: What's the best feature of Xbox LIVE?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Best feature … meeting people from around the world or the country. Ya never know, you might find the person for you! I know A LOT of people who have, and they're thankful for it.

trixie360: What feature would you like to see on Xbox LIVE?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Hmm … I would LOVE to play a virtual reality game where you could be able to go into a virtual world and literally be yourself and interact with other people! Ooooh that'd be a punk-booty game.

trixie360: What is your favorite Xbox LIVE game?

EFE Ninja Wolf: I have too many! I LOVE Rock Band and all of the Guitar Heroes, Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare™, and-d-d-d that's pretty much it.

trixie360: What future Xbox LIVE games are you looking forward to?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero 4.

trixie360: What do you think is the best game of all time?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Oh man, best game ever, hands down, is the entire Guitar Hero series.

trixie360: What's the funniest thing you've ever heard on Xbox LIVE?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Oh my gosh, too many, haha! I'd have to say the funniest thing was when me and BhindUwitAknife (aka Austin) were playing a private COD4 match and well, out of nowhere, all I hear out of his mic is someone going, "PIIIIIZZAAA!!" and the next thing I knew, he was gone like a flash. I literally heard the mic being thrown, and I sat there laughing.

trixie360: What is your greatest Xbox LIVE moment?

EFE Ninja Wolf: MY greatest Xbox LIVE moment was probably when I was playing Call of Duty 4 with my buddies, and we were playing Ground War Team Deathmatch on the Countdown map. Well, I don't know HOW but I had a total of seven helicopters that match, and man, did I FREAK when I saw the scoreboard, haha.

trixie360: Who is your inner rock star?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Psh, I'm my OWN inner rock star, hehe. I play bass guitar, I *attempt* to sing, and I wanna learn either guitar or DRUMS! YAY!

trixie360: If they made a movie about your life, who should play you?

EFE Ninja Wolf: I should play as MYSELF, because there is no one, and I mean NO ONE, in the world, who can even act like me for an hour.

trixie360: You'll play yourself in a movie AND record the soundtrack. She does it all! What cartoon character do you think is most like you?

EFE Ninja Wolf: I'd probably say Charizard from Pokemon. LOL don't ask, seriously, don't ask. All I'll say is that we BOTH need anger management.

trixie360: If you could trade places with anyone for one day, who would it be?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Hmm … Probably the richest person in the world. Jack their private jet, maybe a few millions, hehe, and fly home the next day!

trixie360: What celebrity would be the worst roommate?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Oh. My. God. Michael Jackson, if you consider him a celebrity. *shudder*

trixie360: I think unfortunately we must consider him a celebrity. Though he's more infamous than famous at this point. What game character is most like you?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Oh jeez, Alicia from Bullet Witch™. Ya don't mess with neither of us.

trixie360: What's the worst food you've ever eaten?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Probably octopus eyeballs. *gaaag*

trixie360: Ew! Why why why? Last book you read?

EFE Ninja Wolf: I'm currently reading Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer.

trixie360: If you could go on tour with any band, which would it be?

EFE Ninja Wolf: OH MY GOD, Avenged Sevenfold.

trixie360: What do you predict will be the "next big thing" in gaming?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Being able to … well … go into a virtual community and hang. Hehe.

trixie360: What do you think is the best thing about Xbox 360?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Best thing = being with my homies.

trixie360: What would you like to be doing in ten years?

EFE Ninja Wolf: Okay, okay, I swear this is embarrassing to admit, but … um … I would love to be spending them with BhindUwitAknife. <3

Interview by TriXie