Beware of her Minecraft maze.

How can I be in the Gamer Spotlight?

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What do you do when you're not playing games?
Think about playing games … LOL. No really though, I love to read, and write poetry. Let's see … I love to sing! I'm a soprano but I'm workin' on that alto range. I love animals. I have two ferrets that I care for and they're hellions. I love to dance, laugh, party, and have a great time all while meeting and sharing memories with friends new and old!

What's the worst or weirdest job you've ever had?
Hmmm, probably when I had to train for a job as a CNA at a nursing home and watched someone sponge bathe a deceased senior citizen, *eep*! I couldn't continue with that field since I'm weak I guess (haha) but I give all nurses out there some seriously mad props!!

What is your greatest Xbox LIVE moment?
I would have to say the time when I had eight of my closest friends join an Xbox LIVE party chat and invited them all into my newly finished Minecraft world! It was epic because I had just created the BEST maze EVER! It was made out of Obsidian so no one could cheat and break through it. It was also rigged with about five different booby traps that would kill you if you slipped up. We had a blast messin' around with the maze and seeing who could get through it the quickest! :)

Favorite movie quote?
"All energy is only borrowed, and one day you have to give it back" from James Cameron's Avatar.

Complete this sentence: "People of Earth, … :
“ … unite!”

What would you like to be doing in ten years?
Playing video games, duh!! LOL. Aside from the obvious … I'd also like to make a real success out of my aspiring online business, perhaps be traveling the world, perhaps having a family of my own. I dunno, I don't like to paint my canvas this way until I have the paint in my hand, so we'll see ;)

What is the Gamer Spotlight?

The Gamer Spotlight is a weekly feature here on and on Xbox LIVE where we interview someone from the Xbox LIVE community. We’ve interviewed contest winners, podcasters, grandmas, soldiers, teachers, lawyers, students, rappers, artists, moms, dads and teenagers. What they all have in common is they play games on Xbox LIVE! Meet new people every week in the Gamer Spotlight!