Gears of War
Triple Pack

This bundle has everything you need to experience the series that redefined the third-person shooter in one compelling collection. Great as a gift, or to introduce new players to Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad before the final release of the trilogy – Gears of War 3 – arrives in Fall 2011.

Triple Pack Features

The Gears of War Triple Pack includes two full games and a huge expansion. Check out what you get:

  • Gears of War: The planet lies in ruin. An inmate named Marcus Fenix, once left to die, is humanity's only hope versus the relentless Locust. Lead your squad as Marcus or recruit a friend and complete the epic campaign together. A $19.99 value.
  • Gears of War 2: Entire cities are sinking. To survive, Marcus and Delta Squad must wage a massive counterattack deep in the Locust Hollow. Continue the fight together in two-player co-op, or in the addictive online multiplayer mode, Horde. A $19.99 value.
  • All Fronts Pack: Get must-have expansion pack for Gears of War 2 by using the included token to unlock a bonus campaign chapter, all 19 extra maps, and 750 more available achievement points (you'll need 1.1 GB of storage space for this download). A $10 value.


Award-Winning Action

The Gears of War series has won more than 30 "Game of the Year" awards, sold more than 12 million copies worldwide and redefined the third-person shooter genre for this console generation. The game has also inspired a full line of toys and collectibles, apparel, an upcoming film, graphic novels and a book series by New York Times best-selling author Karen Traviss.

Grab your trusty chainsaw.

Take the fight to them.

Buy It Now

The Gears of War Triple Pack arrives on February 15 for only $29.99 (suggested retail price). Pre-order it now from one of these game retailers: GameStop Walmart