Xbox One is built
for the future.

Meet our most advanced console yet.

Xbox One features breakthrough technology like the new 1080p HD Kinect for motion gaming and fitness in smaller rooms within city homes, and SmartGlass that lets you control and interact with Xbox One from your tablet & phone. With an industry leading controller and impulse triggers that deliver more precision and comfort, games and more realistic and immersive than ever before.

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8 Cores

The powerful 8-core x86 processor lets you run games faster and better than ever before – so you always enjoy top-quality gaming experiences on the biggest screen in your home.

Loaded with memory

8GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive give you plenty of memory for your games, demos, movies, apps, and more.**

HDMI Pass-Thru

Connect your cable or satellite box to your Xbox One and prepare for lift off. HDMI pass-thru enables you to watch TV through your Xbox, which makes switching inputs seem almost pre-historic.*


Watch movies and play games in stunning HD with a Blu-ray player.

A one-of-a-kind architecture.

Xbox One was designed to be the most advanced gaming console ever, and the best entertainment console. To make that possible, we did something unprecedented. For the first time ever, we created a state-of-the-art gaming OS and fused it with a powerful Windows OS. So you get the best of both worlds, without compromise. Now you can run a host of apps right alongside your game without any loss of performance.

Play with peak performance.

Xbox One is the perfect balance of power and performance. In addition to Xbox One’s revolutionary architecture, the combination of its CPU, GPU and ESRAM is like having a supercomputer in your living room. But raw power is nothing without speed. So the Xbox One uses its power more effectively, creating lightning fast experiences unlike anything you’ve had before.

New 1080P camera produces stunning HD video, so your Skype calls will be crystal clear.
New active IR camera increases its visual precision and even allows it to see in the dark.
Xbox One can also control your TV, cable box and receiver for complete harmony among your devices.
New multi-microphone array filters game sounds and ambient noise to isolate your voice.

The all-new Kinect, at your command.

We’ve completely re-engineered Kinect to take full advantage of all that Xbox One can do. Built with city homes in mind, it’s perfect for fitness and gaming in smaller rooms. It’s also more precise. More responsive. More intuitive. Its unparalleled vision, and motion technology lets you reach into games and entertainment like never before. Automatically sign in when you enter the room. Accelerate through a game with subtle gestures. It’s an entirely new Kinect for a new generation of entertainment.

  • Advanced 1080p HD Camera

    The all-new 1080p HD camera allows for more precise motion tracking and a noise-isolating mic array, opening up game and entertainment experiences like never before. It lets you easily scan yourself into games like Kinect Sports Rivals, and measure your heart rate during fitness training.

  • Real Vision

    Kinect Real Vision technology dramatically expands its field of view for greater line of sight. An all-new active IR camera enables it to see in the dark. And using advanced 3D geometry, it can even tell if you’re standing off balance.

  • Real Motion

    Kinect Real Motion technology tracks even the slightest gestures. So a simple squeeze of your hand results in precise control over a game or app. Whether you're standing up or sitting down.

  • Real Voice

    Kinect Real Voice technology focuses on the sounds that matter, thanks to an all-new multi-microphone array. Advanced noise isolation lets Kinect know who to listen to, even in a crowded room. And, for the first time, you can use your voice to launch any Xbox One experience from anywhere in the system, so you can quickly move from one thing to another.

Unparalleled precision and comfort.

The best gaming controller just got better with over 40 technology innovations. New Impulse Triggers deliver precise fingertip feedback for more realistic experiences. Kinect will auto-pair your controller instantly, even when you hand it to a friend during a game. We have streamlined the thumbsticks, D-pad, and contours for improved precision and comfort in your hands. Simply put, it’s the best controller we’ve ever made.***

Easier access to buttons, triggers, and bumpers for quicker gameplay.
New thumbstick shape and grip texture enhance your precision.
Feel jolts, crashes, and weapons in high definition with vibrating Impulse Triggers.
Pick up and play. Kinect automatically knows who is gaming and tracks who is holding which controller. Welcome to seamless player pairing.
Redesigned D-pad that is ultra-responsive to both sweeping and directional movements.
Controller grips fit a wider range of hand sizes more comfortably.

Use the tablet or phone you already own with Xbox SmartGlass

Get more from games and entertainment with unique cross-screen experiences. With the free Xbox SmartGlass app for Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android and iOS, you can use your tablet or phone to extend, enhance and control what’s playing on your Xbox One. Plus, the combination of controller, Kinect and Xbox SmartGlass technologies unlock new opportunities for developers to bring you more innovative games.*

Learn more about Xbox SmartGlass

As real as real life.

Immerse yourself in cinematic worlds that look like real life, with characters that feel more human. Advanced AI technology and the processing power of Xbox One make game worlds come alive. And thanks to the power of the cloud, what you do in a game can stay that way persistently. Xbox One’s unique architecture allows creators to build realistic, cinematic experiences of the highest fidelity possible.*

Always ready when you are.

Xbox One was designed for today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Downloads and updates happen behind the scenes, so you can jump right in. And when you need to pause, your games are suspended right where you left off, so you can resume instantly.

Get your Xbox One.

The all-in-one gaming and entertainment system. Where the award-winning games, multiplayer, and your favorite entertainment apps come together in one place.

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