How Does Kinect
Keep You Fit?

When you play Kinect your whole body is the controller. That means with every jump or kick, you'll be moving your body and having fun. It's not only a good time, it's good for you.

Nike+ Kinect Training

Whatever your level, whatever your goal, with Nike+ Kinect Training you can now experience personal training, at home. Using real time feedback and elite level coaching, Nike+ Kinect Training delivers a personalized program that evolves as you do.
Nike+ Kinect Training

Kinect Sports Season Two

Full body play action for the whole family. From Skiing and football to tennis and baseball, this title gives you sports the way they were meant to be played.

Dance Central 3

With tons of popular songs and great moves, Dance Central 3 gets your feet moving and your heart pumping.

Your Shape™ Fitness Evolved 2012

Take your fitness to the next level with personalized goals and tailor made workouts, just for you.

Kinect Bundles

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Kinect Bundles

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