Xbox has been getting a lot of new entertainment apps lately. One of the most recent to hit the service is Machinima, a viewing app that lets you watch all kinds of things including game news, live streams, event coverage and even original series. I downloaded the app for a quick test drive. Here’s the kind of things you can expect.

Machinima Start Screen

Gaming News
Machinima’s viewing app mimics the interface of the Xbox 360 so you should have no trouble navigating its features. From the Start menu, hit the What’s New button to find the latest additions to the app. Or you can just visit each of the categories to look for new content. The Game Videos category highlights walkthroughs and trailers for popular Xbox games.

Machinima Game Videos Screen

Original Gaming Content
Head to the Shows category to find original gaming content. As of this writing, there are 559 (559!!) shows in this category ranging from 8 Bit Halo (bizarrely exactly what it sounds like) to Christopher Walkenthrough (where a Walken impersonator walks you through various game scenes) to Why It Fails (ridiculous brief takedowns of games for equally ridiculous reasons). Some of these shows are hilarious, some are just silly, but some are deadly serious and fascinating, such as Machinima Tutorials (how to create your own original machinima) Walk-Thrus (exactly what it implies) and even game-specific shows including Trials Evolution Map Spotlight and a number of shows devoted to Minecraft.

The Directors category opens up even more gaming viewing content from respected show hosts. Some of these shows in this category have hundreds of videos; check out Antvenom’s or ImmortalHDFilms’ extensive library. There is so much video content between these two categories that it would take you months (literally) to view it all and weeks just to view a couple of episodes.

Each show gives you the opportunity to watch them straight from the beginning, browse episodes, keep track of which episodes you last viewed (registration is required for this), and view the most popular or the recommended episodes of the show. One thing that’s missing is a general description of the show which would be helpful in picking out which show to preview. And yes, most if not all, of these shows can also be found on YouTube (also found on Xbox) but it’s great to have them in one place and easy to access.

Some of the app’s features are only available upon registration. These include Search History, the ability to subscribe to certain shows or directors so you never miss a new edition, and the ability to share your Machinima discoveries with others via Facebook. Registration is simple; just choose to Register when you see the button and you’ll get a code. Visit the listed website (you can do this right on the IE app on Xbox) and the site will encourage you to login with your Facebook account. Once done, you enter the code and the new features will open up on the Machinima app.