Xbox LIVE Billing

When you set up an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership or purchase items on Xbox LIVE, you can be billed in a wide variety of ways that work for you.

  • Prepaid: A card purchased a retail store that provides a Gold Membership, Microsoft Points, or a content item/game.
  • Credit/Debit Card: Charges applied to your credit card or bank account for a subscription, Microsoft Points or a content item/game.
  • Direct Debit:  Charges applied to your credit card or bank account for a membership (regional restrictions apply).
  • PayPal: Charges applied to your PayPal account for Microsoft Points, Gold Subscription or a content item/game (regional restrictions apply).

From, your Xbox 360 console, or your financial institution's website you can view tons of details on what you were billed for and why.

Types of Charges You Might See: 

  • Individual purchases: For items like Microsoft Points or game items, you may see a charge on your statement ranging from $5-$50. These charges are based on the selection and purchase of the item using your Xbox console or
  • Xbox LIVE Membership Charges: Xbox LIVE as a service is billed in advance. When you first sign up, select a membership plan and pay for the period moving forward. For example, if you sign up today for a one-year Gold Membership, you will be billed for the next 12 months today. At the end of the membership term, if automatic renewal is on or if you are subscribed to a monthly plan, you will be billed for the next membership period to make sure you don't lose access to the great features of Xbox LIVE.

What do I need to get more information on charges on my credit card?
You can easily check the purchases of your Xbox LIVE Account using the Windows Live ID and the Microsoft billing website. If you don't know the Windows Live ID of your account, follow these steps:

  • From your Xbox 360 Console sign into the Xbox LIVE Profile and Xbox LIVE.
  • From the My Xbox channel, select your profile and Manage Account.
  • Select Windows Live ID. The current Windows Live ID for the account will be shown on the right side of the screen under Current Windows Live ID.

Check Your Billing History Online
After you know the Windows Live ID of your Xbox LIVE account, visit and click on your payment method.

From here you can look at all your transactions and what they were for by selecting transactions

Charges not showing up on Microsoft Billing?
If you have more than one Xbox LIVE account, you may see charges on your credit card statement for those accounts which may not show on the Windows Live ID you are logged into with Microsoft Billing. If possible, check for other Xbox LIVE accounts and log into with the Windows Live ID's for those accounts.

Need more help?
Xbox LIVE Support is available to answer any questions regarding your billing statement. For more information, please call Xbox Support.