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{ "InspirationDesigns": [ { "ControllerId": "0_b03c434a-8fba-4577-a424-3358ef5cd95d", "Title": "The 24h Legend", "Description": "See what inspired Dan Greenawalt", "CreatorName": "Dan Greenawalt", "CreatorTitle": "Creative Director of the Forza franchise", "BannerImageUrl": "", "CardBannerImageUrl": "", "HighlightColor": "#000000", "SignatureImageUrl": "", "CreatorDescriptionHtml": "Dan Greenawalt is the creative director of the critically acclaimed racing franchise Forza Motorsport. Passionate about car culture, Greenawalt and a small group founded Turn 10 within Microsoft Game Studios and began work on Forza Motorsport. The vision for Greenawalt and Turn 10 is to make experiences that shape the future of automotive entertainment.", "CreatorImageUrl": "", "GalleryTitle": "Dan's work", "GalleryImages": [ "", "", "" ], "VideoId": "A-k2FtbcQug", "VideoDescription": "A controller inspired by the vintage race car livery that defined a generation of racing. See the story behind the 24h Legend." }, { "ControllerId": "0_6d8162bb-319a-4179-b065-1ab91e3c450d", "Title": "The Bond", "Description": "See what inspired Kiki Wolfkill", "CreatorName": "Kiki Wolfkill", "CreatorTitle": "Studio Head at 343 industries", "BannerImageUrl": "", "CardBannerImageUrl": "", "HighlightColor": "#000000", "SignatureImageUrl": "", "CreatorDescriptionHtml": "Kiki Wolfkill heads up 343 Industries' transmedia and entertainment efforts. Starting out in the visual arts, Kiki became Director or Art of Microsoft Studios. She then joined 343 industries, where she was responsible for Halo 4. Kiki brings together her production background and creative leadership to deliver the next chapter in the Halo Universe.", "CreatorImageUrl": "", "GalleryTitle": "Kiki's work", "GalleryImages": [ "", "", "" ], "VideoId": "iPHfesJCTYM", "VideoDescription": "A gaming accessory that celebrates the relationship between humanity's greatest hero and his AI companion. See the story behind The Bond." }, { "ControllerId": "0_fa6ff6b8-c497-44f2-bc90-f640ee0e6832", "Title": "The Charmed", "Description": "See what inspired Craig & Karl", "CreatorName": "Craig & Karl", "CreatorTitle": "Graphic Designers", "BannerImageUrl": "", "CardBannerImageUrl": "", "HighlightColor": "#000000", "SignatureImageUrl": "", "CreatorDescriptionHtml": "Craig and Karl live in different parts of the world (New York & London) but collaborate daily to create bold work that is often filled with simple messages executed in a thoughful and humorous way. They've exhibited across the world and have worked on projects like LVMH, Google, Nike, Vanity Fair, Vogue and The New York Times.", "CreatorImageUrl": "", "GalleryTitle": "Craig & Karl's work", "GalleryImages": [ "", "", "" ], "VideoId": "OuVBJrrg7CU", "VideoDescription": "A charming design with the power to make you feel invincible. See the story behind The Charmed" }, { "ControllerId": "0_120c97db-cb64-4d3f-b6c2-726630e9d5b5", "Title": "The Samurai", "Description": "See what inspired Basso & Brooke", "CreatorName": "Basso & Brooke", "CreatorTitle": "Fashion Designers", "BannerImageUrl": "", "CardBannerImageUrl": "", "HighlightColor": "#000000", "SignatureImageUrl": "", "CreatorDescriptionHtml": "Basso & Brooke are renowned as pioneers of the digital print aesthetics in fashion, and made history with a 100% digitally printed collection. They have shown collections during London Fashion Week, and showcased their work worldwide. One of their important pieces is archived in the Metropolitan Museum of New York.", "CreatorImageUrl": "", "GalleryTitle": "Basso & Brooke's work", "GalleryImages": [ "", "", "" ], "VideoId": "Y9G7fdltkZg", "VideoDescription": "A deadly color combo that draws influences from ancient Japanese armor. See the story behind The Samurai" } ] }