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Are you The One?


Whatever your game, whatever your style, we’re offering you the chance to show us your “Xbox, Record that.” moments and be crowned The One.

Xbox needs the UK’s top gamers to see if they have what it takes to become ‘The One’. Whether you mine in search for diamonds, live the life of an assassin or fight in a world of advanced warfare, anyone can be The One at the game they love. This is your chance to win the recognition you deserve. We’ve lined up some of the biggest stars in gaming along with the biggest upcoming games to find out who deserves to be crowned ‘The One’.

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You, your Xbox One and any one of these games are all you need to stand a chance of becoming The One. That, and mad gaming skills.

Think you’ve got what it takes to become The One? Check out the list below to see which games are currently open for submissions and get the low-down on the judges and prizes up for grabs. Don’t forget to check back to see when new categories open.

The categories

The One Hall of Fame

How to submit a clip

Step 1

Say ‘Xbox, Record That’ when you know you’ve done something worthy of being ‘The One’.

Step 2

Use the Upload Studio application on your Xbox One to upload your video to the competition.

Step 3

Before publishing, name your video after the category you’re entering, for example: ‘TheOneEpicPlays’ or ‘TheOneTNT’.

Step 4

You’re done! Don’t forget to share your entry with friends via One Drive and make sure to check back here to see if you’ll be crowned ‘The One’. Follow us using #XboxTheOne.

The best exclusive games

The biggest blockbusters

The best multiplayer

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