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Parental Controls on your Xbox

A simple guide


With games, movies, live TV, sports, music and more, Xbox is the perfect entertainment centre in the living room for the entire family. If you have children, there are some simple ways for you as a parent to control what games and entertainment your kids experience. These are a robust set of tools to allow you to control the content they access and purchase.

You can configure the video game system to play games that are rated at or below a selected level. Games and content rated above the selected level will require entry of a pass code to play. These tools make Xbox a safe place for your children to play.

Why it’s important to set up parental controls:

- They ensure your children only access age-appropriate content.

- They prevent your children from making unauthorised purchases.

- They protect your family settings so they cannot be changed without your permission.

Xbox One Parental Controls

Parental controls for Xbox One can be set for each of your children against their individual profile by going to Settings and then Family:

- Within Family you can add your children's accounts to your Xbox Family.

- If you then click on their account, you will be taken to a selection of privacy and content restriction filters.

Set a passkey on Xbox One to make sure your account is secure and prevent unauthorised purchases. Learn more about the benefits of a passkey - here

Xbox 360 Parental Controls

Parental controls for Xbox 360 are divided into two groups in Settings:

- Console Controls – allow you to manage what your children can do on the console, such as what games or films they can enjoy, so they are only accessing the entertainment you want them to.

- Online safety and privacy settings – allow you to manage their online Xbox Live experience.

Control Collaborate Create

The Control Collaborate Create video features information about the PEGI rating system and what the ratings mean. It aims to help empower parents to take direct control over what games their children play at home and how long they play them for.

Manage your own privacy and online safety on

If you own both an Xbox One and an Xbox 360, we recommend that you manage your settings online. Here you can see what settings are available on both consoles and which are limited to one console or the other.

Please note the content restriction setting on Xbox 360 can only be managed via the console.