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Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One

“It's one of the best games on the Xbox One, and a refreshing shot of merriment”


“Sunset Overdrive is big, gorgeous, and a hell of a lot of fun.”


“A visual feast with colours and effects that will make you go ‘wow’”


“Sunset Overdrive is arguably the Xbox One's first must-have exclusive”

Daily Mirror

“A breath of fresh air”

Eurogamer (Digital Foundry)

Available: Out now

Only on Xbox One

Fire real Sunset Overdrive weapons and earn an in-game reward!
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Man vs. Machine

Featuring an all-new story and area to explore, “Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines” is a tech-tonic addition to the Sunset Overdrive universe with brand-new weapons, trap, amps, enemies, and outfits, including the giant Energy Ball as the latest new traversal mechanic.

An Open World with No Rules:

Leap off buildings, run along walls, and grind power lines and rails to destroy your foes from every angle.

Lethal Weapons:

Collect and upgrade an arsenal of unconventional weapons that use items like dynamite, fireworks, harpoons, and acid to destroy your enemies.

Mayhem with Friends:

Seamlessly transition from campaign to Chaos Squad, an 8-player cooperative experience. Vote on which objectives to attempt throughout the city, survive epic battles, and earn awesome in-game rewards.


You’re not the only one embracing the Awesomepocalypse. Throughout Sunset City you’ll run across an eclectic group of factions, each with its own unique style and story. For instance, Troop Bushido, a group of adventurers who now abide by ancient Samurai code. And the Fargarths, live action role-players whose fantasy suddenly becomes their reality. Plus many more memorable characters we don’t want to reveal just yet. Spoilers.


Unlock new stories and objectives to extend your game in the awesomepocalypse!

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Sunset Overdrive Season Pass

Extend your game with the Sunset Overdrive Season Pass, only on Xbox One

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Get more with Gold

You know what makes Sunset Overdrive even better? Xbox Live Gold does. Only online can you join up to 7 others in a Chaos Squad to shoot, grind and explode every damn thing in sight.

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Join Xbox Live Gold

the £329.99 bundle.
a megaton of fun.

Explode the rules with the Xbox One Special Edition Sunset Overdrive Bundle. Includes Cirrus White Console and Controller, full game download and
Day One Edition in-game content.**

  • Cirrus White Console and Controller
  • Full game download and Day One Edition in-game items
  • Day One Edition downloadable content includes Nothin’ but the Hits gun, Fizzie outfit and Hardcore! Hammer

*Caution: £329.99 bundle may cause high-fives to self.

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Developer: Insomniac
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Platform: Xbox One
Release date: 31.10.2014