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Halo Wars 2 Halo Wars 2

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Halo Wars 2

An all-new enemy threatens the Halo universe and the only thing standing between Armageddon and humanity is the brave crew on board the Spirit of Fire.

Halo Wars 2 for Xbox One delivers a real-time strategy game experienced at the speed of Halo combat. Lead armies of Spartans and other Halo fighting forces like Warthogs, Scorpions and exciting new units in a brutal war against a terrifying new enemy on the biggest Halo battlefield ever.

Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition includes early access to the full game, Halo Wars: Definitive Edition and Halo Wars 2: Season Pass. Pre-order the digital version of Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition and get early access to Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, beginning December 20, 2016.

Xbox Play Anywhere: Pre-order the digital game, and it’s yours to play on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

Available February 21, 2017

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Build Your Halo Army

Construct your bases, prepare your vehicles, and amass your troops. Lead them into huge battles that span across alien environments in a vast collection of campaign and multiplayer maps.

All-new, Action-packed Story

Captain Cutter Captain Cutter


Captain James Cutter is the commander and heart of the UNSC combat support vessel Spirit of Fire, and he first made a name for himself fighting against the human Insurrection (before that rebellion was interrupted by the arrival of the Covenant).

Why he fights: Duty, honour and holding the line no matter what the cost.

Leader Briefing: Atriox Leader Briefing: Atriox


Atriox is the iron-willed master of the Banished, a growing army of former Covenant warriors and mercenaries now poised to take control of the largest weapons platform in the history of the Halo universe. As a battle-scarred Jiralhanae (known as “Brutes” in Halo) Atriox possesses incredible physical and combat abilities, but unlike other Brutes, Atriox’s real threat lies in his strategic and tactical brilliance.

Why he fights: The strong will never bow again.

Leader Briefing: Professor Anders Leader Briefing: Professor Anders


Professor Ellen Anders is one of the galaxy’s most brilliant scientific minds and a leading expert on xenobiology and ancient Forerunner systems. Even 28 years frozen in cryosleep can’t diminish the hands-on experience she’s had with Forerunner technology, and Captain Cutter will need every bit of her expertise as the Spirit of Fire awakes from cryo to find itself battling to control the birthplace of the Halo rings.

Why she fights: Knowledge and the infinite potential of Forerunner technologies

Leader Briefing: Decimus Leader Briefing: Decimus


Decimus is the embodiment of every horror story UNSC Marines have ever swapped about fighting the Brutes. He’s ruthless, gloriously bloodthirsty and almost unparalleled in raw physical strength. When Decimus fought for the Covenant he took particular delight in hand-to-hand combat with the woefully outmatched soldiers on the side of humanity.

Why he fights: The glory of the kill and the traditional Brute belief that might makes right.

Leader Briefing: Isabel (AI Service Number ISA 1307-2) Leader Briefing: Isabel (AI Service Number ISA 1307-2)


Isabel is an artificial intelligence created to manage logistics at a UNSC base on the Forerunner installation known as “The Ark”. When her base was destroyed in a surprise attack by the Banished she was powerless to stop the slaughter of her friends and she swore revenge against Atriox.

Why she fights: Retribution and finding a new family.

Leader Briefing: Shipmaster Let ‘Volir Leader Briefing: Shipmaster Let ‘Volir


In the chaotic last days of the Covenant, the Shipmaster found himself grappling with betrayal by his former Covenant leaders and no clear path forward as all Covenant beliefs had been forcibly cast aside. The one constant of his command, however, was his obligation to his crew and to keep that crew together and alive.

Why he fights: A captain can sacrifice everything if it means keeping his crew alive.


Captain Cutter


Professor Anders



Shipmaster Let ‘Volir

Multiplayer Warfare

Play with or against your friends and the Xbox Live community in up to 3v3 matches. All-new Units with explosive firepower, Leaders with special abilities that help to turn the tide in battle, and thrilling multiplayer modes are at your fingertips as you battle on a variety of maps.

Blitz: Instant Command

Blitz is an entirely new way to experience Halo Wars and real-time strategy gameplay. Combining tactical combat with card-based strategy, your deck is your army in Blitz as you build collections of powerful Halo vehicles and troops and command those units in fast-action matches online or solo against waves of enemies.

Blitz Card Examples

Spartan Douglas
Elite Rangers
Trooper Hornet

Spartan Douglas

Spartan Douglas is a legend in the Halo universe and he’s just as powerful as a Spartan should be in Blitz mode. Douglas is effective against all types of units and will sustain his presence on the field with a regenerative shield.

Elite Rangers

Elite Rangers are quick to activate scouts within the Banished, capable of detecting stealth units, and are a strong counter to enemy infantry.

Trooper Hornet

The Trooper Hornet is a great counter to ground vehicles with its aerial offensive abilities. With the Last Stand ability, these Hornets deploy three infantry units when they’re finally knocked out of the sky by enemy fire.


Deploy the Locust as a long-range offensive unit with the ability to generate a shield to win protracted engagements.


Units are precious in Blitz mode, and smart use of the Restoration leader ability to heal your injured troops can turn the tide of battle.

Get the Game

Halo Wars 2 Deluxe

Ultimate Edition – Available 17 February 2017

Halo Wars 2 + Halo Wars: Definitive Edition + Season Pass

Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition includes early access to the full game, instant early access to Halo Wars: Definitive Edition and the Halo Wars 2 Season Pass.

  • Halo Wars: Definitive Edition delivers the original Halo Wars with enhanced graphics, new achievements and all of its DLC, running natively on Xbox One and Windows 10
  • Halo Wars 2 Season Pass brings new Leaders, Units, Blitz cards and Campaign missions


Download once, play on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC

Pre-order Xbox One Download Pre-order Xbox One Disc Pre-order Windows 10 PC Download

Halo Wars 2 Standard

Standard Edition – Available 21 February 2017


Real-time strategy makes an explosive return to the Halo universe in Halo Wars 2.


Download once, play on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC

Pre-order Xbox One Download Pre-order Xbox One Disc Pre-order Windows 10 PC Download

Halo Wars Definitive Edition

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition

Purchase Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition and get Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, an enhanced version of the classic real-time strategy game.

Set early in the iconic war between the Covenant and UNSC – made famous by the Halo FPS games – Halo Wars: Definitive Edition provides a unique angle on the war while bringing new heroes to the battlefield. Control large Halo armies and direct them in action-packed warfare.

Anywhere is a great place to play

Experience the freedom to play your games wherever you want. Now when you own an Xbox Play Anywhere title, it’s yours to play on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC at no additional cost.

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Windows 10 System Requirements Halo Wars 2 Min Specs Halo Wars 2 Recommended Specs Halo Wars Definitive Edition Min Specs Halo Wars Definitive Edition Recommended Specs
Operating System 64-bit Windows 10 14393 (Anniversary) 64-bit Windows 10 14393 (Anniversary) 64-bit Windows 10 64-bit Windows 10
DirectX Version DirectX 12 (Feature Level 11) DirectX 12 (Feature Level 11) DirectX 11 (Feature Level 11_0) DirectX 11 (Feature Level 11_0)
CPU - AMD AMD FX-4350 AMD FX-8350
CPU - Intel Intel i5-2500 Intel Core i5-4690K Intel Core i3 or Equivalent Intel Core i5 or Equivalent
GPU - AMD AMD Radeon HD 7750 AMD RX 480 NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M
AMD Radeon R5 M240
NVIDIA GTX 560, 650, 750
AMD HD 5850, 6870, 7790
GPU - Intel Intel HD 4000 NVIDIA GTX 1060 Intel HD Graphics 4200
HD Space 25GB 25GB 10GB 10GB

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All-new, Action-packed Story

In Halo Wars 2, the heroes of Halo Wars return to find themselves – and the galaxy – in more danger than ever. Following the events of Halo 5, the all-new story is told in action-packed missions set on the legendary Halo destination known as the Ark.


Release date:
February 21, 2017
Xbox One and Windows 10
343 Industries/Creative Assembly
Real-Time Strategy

Game Features

1 player
1 – 6 players

    * Pre-order the Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition and receive Halo Wars: Definitive Edition. The codes for Halo Wars: Definitive Edition will be delivered to your Xbox message center in 7-10 days from pre-order. Redeem your code on Xbox One, or the Xbox App on Windows 10. For more information on how to redeem codes, visit ©2016 Microsoft Corporation.