Developing Games for
Xbox, Windows (PC/Tablet), Web, and Windows Phone

The Microsoft Studios mission is to pioneer innovative hit experiences that deliver on the promise of our platforms. To do that we create games internally and partner with talented external developers, creating games for platforms across the Microsoft ecosystem, including Xbox, Windows and Windows Phone.

Xbox Game Development

Microsoft Studios is a leading publisher of retail titles on the Xbox including Halo, Gears of War, Forza, Fable Journey, Kinectimals, Dance Central and more. We also publish hits like State of Decay, Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, Limbo, and World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition on our digital marketplace (Xbox Live Arcade).

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Independent Developer Publishing Program for Xbox One

The ID@Xbox program enables developers to self-publish their games on Xbox One. First, developers apply to the program to become registered developers and receive a loan of two Xbox One development kits and access to the Xbox One developer documentation and support forums. Then developers submit a Title Information form, receive a Title ID and begin development. Games that come through ID@Xbox have full access to the entire Live suite of tools and technology, including Gamerscore, Achievements, and Kinect.

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Windows 8 Game Development

Microsoft Studios has the top rating games on the Games application preinstalled on Windows 8; this app features the best gaming experiences with Xbox Live integration and the ability to create connected experiences across multiple Microsoft platforms (Xbox, Windows 8, Web, and Windows Phone).  If you are interested in working with Microsoft Studios on publishing games for Windows 8, please contact us at

If you are a developer, Windows 8 gives you an amazing platform to reach the millions of people around the world who use Windows every day to be more productive, creative, and to have fun. With Windows 8, you have unprecedented access and opportunity to reach that worldwide customer base early.

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Windows Phone Game Development

Windows Phone means more — more immersive app experiences; more opportunity to reach a range of devices; more ways to help monetize your applications. Design apps for Windows Phone and take advantage of amazing benefits.

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Kinect Development for Windows

The Kinect for Windows sensor and SDK give you the tools you need to develop innovative applications that harness speech and human tracking. Now, the power is in your hands to enable people to interact with technology in completely new and exciting ways.

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MSN Web & Casual Game Distribution

The Xbox Live Web Game platform allows you to distribute free-to-play web games on and Bing which include Xbox Live integration and the ability to create connected experiences across multiple Microsoft platforms (Xbox/Windows (PC/Tablet)/Web/Windows Phone). If you are interested in working with Microsoft Studios, please contact us at

Tools and Middleware

The Xbox One Tools and Middleware Program licenses the Xbox One Development Kit to professional software developers working on tools and middleware for games. Once accepted into the program, companies are allowed to share and distribute their Xbox One SDK technologies with other licensed Xbox One developers.

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