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Getting rewarded for doing what you love…what could be better? With Xbox Live Rewards, playing games, watching movies and having fun on Xbox Live means real rewards in your pocket. With everything from Rewards Credits to exclusive prizes up for grabs, sign up today and let us show you how much we appreciate your dedication.

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From playing games to knocking out Punchcards, racking up Rewards Credits is fun and easy. But earning Credits is only half the fun, because the next step is spending! When you've racked up enough credits, they'll be converted into cold hard cash that you can use at the Xbox Stores to pick up your favorite games, movies and more.

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Now offering new Rewards. Just for you.

Our most dedicated members deserve the best rewards, so we've created some new opportunities with you in mind. From an additional MyAchievements level, to fresh Punchcards, to the ability to earn Rewards Credits just for playing new games, the door to even greater rewards is wide open.

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Reap the rewards

  • Complete My Map Pack Punchcard
    5,000 Credits
  • Complete My TV Season Pass Punchcard
    10,000 Credits
  • Complete My Apps Punchcard
    1,000 Credits
  • Unlock MyAchievements
    Up to 3% Rebate
  • Renew My Gold Membership
    Up to 3,000 Credits
  • Make My 1st Xbox Store Purchase
    1,250 Credits
  • Take a Survey
    250 Credits
  • Get the VIP Treatment
    Prizes, Credits, and More
And more!