Get a Piece of the Action

Get a piece of the action in Battlefield Hardline, a fresh, new take on Battlefield that allows you to live out your cops and criminals fantasy.

Inspired by great TV crime dramas, Hardline delivers a gripping single player campaign filled with player choice and exciting new innovations in multiplayer with new maps and modes set against the war on crime.


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Cops & Criminals World

Visceral Games delivers a raw, story-driven singles player campaign filled with memorable characters. Immerse yourself in this new world of crime and revenge.

The Fastest Battlefield Ever

A fresh multiplayer experience built on speed. New vehicles, new modes and new maps that bring you right to the heart of the action faster than ever before.

New Gadgets, New Strategies

Everything players love about Battlefield – team play, immersion and all-out chaos are taken to a whole new level in Battlefield Hardline. New gadgets, new weapons and new gameplay features add new layers of strategy to Battlefield’s proven multiplayer formula.

  • DeveloperVisceral Games
  • PublisherElectronic Arts
  • GenreShooter

Battlefield multiplayer

Experience all new modes like Hotwire, Heist and Blood Money in the fastest Battlefield multiplayer experience ever.

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