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Join Xbox Live

With an Xbox Live account, you can download the latest game updates, purchase games on demand or even purchase additional game add ons to extend the life of your favourite titles from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Get the Xbox Live Gold membership to enjoy online multi-player gaming with friends, streaming your favorite TV shows, plus a whole host of great entertainment features.

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Chat with Friends

Xbox Live gives you a variety of methods for voice- and video-chatting with friends, both in-game and out. Choose between a private chat, a Party chat with other friends, or a video call with Kinect for Xbox 360.

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Friends' Activity

See What
Friends are Playing

A great way to discover new games and apps is to see what your friends have been up to. To do this, head over to the Social hub on your Xbox 360 and select a friend to see what they’ve been playing recently.

Be Entertained

Download Xbox
Live Apps

Supersize your entertainment choices with any of the various Xbox Live apps available. You’ll find apps that let you enjoy TV shows, Music, YouTube, NBA, Internet Explorer, CNET, Movies and so much more.

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Try Free
Game Demos

Xbox Live lets you try out demo versions of the hottest Xbox 360 games before you buy them. You can also play trial versions for every Xbox Live Arcade game.

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Play New Games
on Demand

Want something new to play? Check out the games available for purchase on the Xbox Live Marketplace’s Games on Demand section, then download them directly to your Xbox 360. With hundreds of games to choose from including Xbox Live Arcade games and Indie games, you'll never get bored!

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The Web

The Xbox 360 version of Internet Explorer is designed for easy browsing with a controller. Whether you're showing off Facebook photos to loved ones, catching up on the latest Xbox news, or just checking the weather, the Internet is yours to explore on Xbox 360.

Enjoy More

Pair It With

Enjoy more immersive gaming with a wealth of Xbox 360 accessories such as additional controllers for multi-player fun, or the Wireless Headset with Bluetooth for easy communication with fellow gamers.

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Add a Second Screen
With SmartGlass

SmartGlass lets you enhance your Xbox 360 experience by teaming the console with your smartphone, tablet, or Windows 8 PC. Some of the things you can do include playing Forza Horizon with your tablet as a GPS device, or surf the net using your tablet screen as your mouse!

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Customize Your Avatar

Make your avatar reflect your personality with an amazing variety of items. Buy virtual versions of real-life sportswear, turn your avatar into a superhero, or dress it up like your favourite game character.

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