Video Kinect

See More Of Your Friends and Family. Literally.

Video Kinect on Xbox LIVE is a new way to connect with friends and family. Forget the controllers and headsets. With Video Kinect you chat just like you always have, using only your voice and gestures. And because you chat through your TV, the experience is as big as life –and twice as fun.

Always In Frame.

With Video Kinect you can chat naturally, knowing you’re always in the frame. The Kinect Camera automatically focuses to capture everyone in the room so that every gesture, expression and “OMG!” comes through loud and clear.

Talk The Talk.

Because Kinect recognises your natural voice, there’s no need for a headset. Call out commands like “Call Mum,” and then speak as if she’s right there in the room with you.

Chat Safely.

With the built-in Family Settings on your Xbox 360, you can make sure your chats are always safe and secure. You can adjust and choose settings to add things like time limits, safe chat friend lists and more.

What's the point?

MS Points are like currency. Use them to buy game add-ons, rent movies and more.

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