Top FAQs

  1. About FOXTEL on Xbox 360?

    FOXTEL on Xbox 360 is a great new way to enjoy FOXTEL programming through your Xbox 360 console, without the need for installation or a lock in contract. With an Xbox LIVE membership and a FOXTEL on Xbox 360 subscription, you can stream FOXTEL content over the Internet directly to your TV through your Xbox 360 console. FOXTEL on Xbox 360 subscribers will be able to sign up for live entertainment, sports and movie packages, receiving a selection of the same channels that are broadcast on the FOXTEL television platform. You can choose one or more channel packages to watch Live or via Catch Up TV, or just order individual movies and TV episodes to rent from the thousands of FOXTEL On Demand titles. To register for FOXTEL on Xbox 360, click the Register button at the top of this page.

  2. What you need for FOXTEL on Xbox 360

    To get FOXTEL on Xbox 360 you will need:

    • An Xbox 360 console
    • Xbox LiveMembership
    • High-speed Internet connection (2mbps or greater)
    • Reside in a FOXTEL serviceable postcode.
    To register for FOXTEL on Xbox 360, click the Register button at the top of this page.
  3. Setting up FOXTEL on Xbox 360

    To Get Started with FOXTEL on Xbox 360:

    • Download the FOXTEL application from the TV or apps menu on your Xbox 360.
    • Register for a FOXTEL on Xbox 360 online profile
    • Pay by the month and choose the package that suits you, or pay per view for FOXTEL On Demand titles.
    To register for FOXTEL on Xbox 360, click the Register button at the top of this page.
  4. How much does FOXTEL on Xbox 360 cost?

    The base package (Get Started) costs $19.50 per month. You can choose additional packages that suit your needs from $10 per month. There is no initial startup fees, and no installation required. The pay by the month packages are recurring monthly charges with no ongoing commitment. You can cancel at any time online through My Xbox. A FOXTEL on Xbox 360 profile for pay per view titles is free. Pay Per View content is available via FOXTEL On Demand at varying prices.

  5. Is there a long term contract?

    No. FOXTEL on Xbox 360 pay by the month packages are a monthly subscription. If you do not wish to continue you can cancel and your service will be disconnected at the end of the monthly period you have paid for.

  6. How do I pay?

    You can pay for FOXTEL on Xbox 360 subscriptions with a registered MasterCard or Visa or as part of your regular FOXTEL bill if you are a FOXTEL TV customer. All pay per view titles require a registered MasterCard or Visa to be purchased. American Express, Diner’s Club and pre-paid Credit Cards are not compatible with the service.

  7. How do I change my package?

    You can change your package at any time in My Xbox. Simply sign in with your username and password and then select the Change Packages tab and choose the packages you want to remove or add. Changes to your packages will be made available on your Xbox 360 immediately. Click here to change your packages now.

  8. How do I cancel my service?

    You can cancel your service at any time by signing into My Xbox. Go to the Disconnect Xbox Service tab to disconnect. Since FOXTEL on Xbox 360 is paid each month in advance, your service will be disconnected at the end of the month you have paid for. You can choose to just disconnect your pay by the month package and keep your access to rent pay per view titles if you wish. Click here to cancel your service now.

  9. I already have FOXTEL. Does that mean I also get FOXTEL on Xbox 360?

    No. FOXTEL on Xbox 360 is a separate service with separate subscription costs to FOXTEL TV. If you choose to subscribe though you can have this billed with your existing FOXTEL TV payment.

  10. Where is Foxtel on Xbox 360 available?

    Foxtel on Xbox 360 is available Australia wide, so long as you have a broadband connection.

  11. How will FOXTEL on Xbox 360 affect my internet charges?

    FOXTEL on Xbox 360 Live TV channels, Catch Up TV content and FOXTEL On Demand services are unmetered to Telstra BigPond Broadband customers*. For other Internet Service Providers data transferred is offset against your data plan as indicated below.

    Live TV High Quality: approx. 800 MB per hour
    Live TV Med Quality: approx. 540 MB per hour
    Live TV Low Quality: approx. 360 MB per hour
    Catch Up TV: approx. 800 MB per hour
    On Demand: approx. 800 MB per hour

    You should verify that your current Internet plan provides enough data usage per month (how much you download) and sufficient data speed (how quickly things download) to support your viewing habits and ensure you get the best experience possible.

    Your current Internet Service provider (ISP) will be able to provide your current data plan. Data usage per month is typically measured as GB (Gigabytes), and speed is usually measured as Mbps (Megabits per second) or Kbps.

    We recommend a minimum Internet data speed of 2.0Mbps when watching FOXTEL on Xbox 360. The majority of homes in Australia run at (or above) these speeds and will receive an excellent viewing experience. If you are unsure of your home Internet speed, and since many factors beyond your ISPs stated speeds will impact the actual Internet speed in your home, we suggest running a speed test calculator.

    To help understand the data usage per month you could expect to consume using the FOXTEL on Xbox 360 service, we have provided links to two websites that will present you with an unbiased view of plans to support your viewing consumption. To investigate the most appropriate Internet Service Provider data plans for your usage requirements and test your Internet speed, visit or

    *BigPond content is unmetered for most BigPond Broadband plans except dial-up, satellite and hourly plans.

*Australian metro residential users only. Xbox LIVE Gold subscription required for all live TV packages. Not available in NT or TAS. FOXTEL subscription fees apply and additional charges apply for FOXTEL On Demand titles. Broadband Internet connection required. FOXTEL marks are used under licence by FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd. TM & © 2011 CBS Studios Inc. Warrior © 2011 Lionsgate Films Inc. All Rights Reserved.