Xbox Insider – E3 Day 3 Update

Day 3 of E3. The last day of the hugest gaming convention of the year. This convention is seriously the biggest event I have ever attended and I will remember my experience here for a very long time.

My day started off with an early exclusive look at Bethesda’s Dishonoured, a first person spy game where you assassinate targets. The interesting powers come into effect when you decide to either shoot everything that moves with your crossbow, or teleport around the room to perform stealthy assassinations. This was another one of those games that is staying very secretive, however I did get to play it and it definitely has good potential.

Next stop was Activision. These guys had a huge array of games at E3, and their big one was shown to me first – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. I was demoed an extended version of what you may have seen during the Microsoft Press Conference. If you haven’t seen this gameplay, it shows off some of the futuristic weapons and gadgets.

The new mode that really got everyone excited was Strikeforce. Imagine a battlefield full of quadcopters, unstoppable mechs, elite soldiers and airstrikes all available for your command. You can zoom in and out of the warzone and control each of these things, making for a fun new way to play CoD. After this, I got an interview with Hank, the military advisor for every Call of Duty from CoD4.

This guy was a tank. He was an older gentleman, but I don’t know anyone who would even think about messing with him. His handshake felt like a vice around my hand and his punch on my arm almost broke it! He didn’t like my sheep hat very much for some reason and he commented that I had the body of a 12-year-old boy.

I was shown some Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Coming from someone who isn’t a Transformers fan, the game looks pretty cool. The animations are what did it for me though. You don’t get to watch a giant robot transform into a t-rex or a sports car quite like this in any other game.

Then it was time for Borderlands 2. There are some new characters, a seemingly endless number of new weapons and all new special abilities. I was impressed with what I played, even though I had high expectation after completing the first game. I do recommend you get a friend to play it co-op with you though, as there is a high possibility of getting the sheep kicked out of you playing solo.

I was starting to get super hungry now, so I whipped out the sheep hat and headed down to some local restaurants. I have already mentioned this, but never really explained how BIG some of the food portions are here. I got a burger so massive that when I picked it up, gravity said “NO!” and all of the filling slipped straight out! Drinks are even bigger. They give you a Coca-Cola cup that is easily 2 litres and filled it right to the top. Some people even go back for refills! It’s a wonder if I’ll have any teeth left tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I fly back to Perth to begin my regular week. It seriously has been one of the most enjoyable experiences ever, working with and meeting awesome new people, and making new friends and contacts. This E3 Insider experience is something that not many people get, and I thank V and Xbox for making it happen. Most importantly I would love to thank you, the fans, because with out you I wouldn’t be here right now, writing this. But guys, I’m TheGamerSheep, the Xbox Insider and I’ll see you later.

TheGamerSheep, Xbox E3 Insider