Xbox Insider – E3 Day 2 Update

TheGamerSheep here, your E3 Xbox Insider, with a roundup of the second day of E3. 2 down, 1 to go!

The team and I decided to get to the show floor early and I knew exactly what I wanted to spend my time on before the place got packed again - that little time consumer was the brand new Spiderman game!

I don't know where to begin about how awesome this game is. As you guys can probably tell from my previous blog posts, I'm a big graphics nut and this game delivers 110%. It looks just like the movie! Swinging around New York has never felt better. Of course Spidey has a plethora of sweet combos and attacks to use once you’ve reached your destination.

Today was great because I got to speak with lots of developers about games I hadn’t really looked into before. My first interview of the day was with the CEO/President of Gearbox software about their new Aliens game for Sega.

Aliens: Colonial Marines has a great story that ties in well with the rest of the Aliens movies. The guys at the game booth made it very clear that almost anyone can pick up and play the game even if they haven't seen any of the movies. The demo showcased some great graphics and intense gameplay. I was playing as a marine, battling it out with the devs who were aliens. The game looks very authentic to the Aliens world and plays very well. It wasn't on my radar at all before this, but after the demo it's shaping up be a must have!

Joel from Warner Bros gave us exclusive access to a few new games. We got a behind-closed-doors session with a new fighter from the dudes who made Mortal Kombat. Injustice: Gods Among Us puts DC characters like Batman and The Flash head to head in interactive worlds where they fight each other until someone comes out on top. It looks like Mortal Kombat, except with a more realistic art style, less violence, and super heroes. They are very secretive about the game, so that's all I can really report on for now.

I did get hands on with two new Lord of the Rings games; one an RTS-style game, the other a Lego title. Both were very good and if you are an L.O.T.R. fan, you will definitely want to take a look at both.

Finally, I got a more in-depth demo of Dance Central 3. There are some new mini games like creating your own dance moves and routines, and if you have Dance Central 1 or 2 you will be able to transfer all of your songs across for hours of dancing fun!

Writing this, I feel extremely tired, sore and full. I ate at a restaurant where they said the portions were small so I ordered an American mac n cheese and what I thought would be a slice of peperoni pizza. 15 minutes later, I was presented with a bowl of macaroni and cheese that could feed a whole family, not to mention a full sized pizza. I think I'll just stick to the small fries next time!

As far as E3 goes, stay tuned because there is a whole day left for playing awesome demos, getting great interviews, and hopefully taking lots of booth babe pictures! See you tomorrow!

TheGamerSheep, Xbox E3 Insider