Joining Xbox Live Gold

Free games, the most advanced multiplayer and discounts of up to 75%.

On your Xbox 360

  • Go to ‘Settings’

  • Select ‘Account’

  • Select ‘Xbox Live Gold’

  • Select ‘View Purchase Details’

  • Choose Xbox Live Gold Membership


  • extra

Redeeming your Xbox Live Gold code on

  Redeem your Code

Enter your code > select ‘Redeem Code’

Get the most from Xbox with Xbox Live Gold

*IMPORTANT! Xbox Live Gold no longer required for some apps and features, including Netflix, Twitch, ESPN, Skype and YouTube. See Free Games Offer: For paid Gold members only. On Xbox One, active Gold membership required to play free games you’ve downloaded. Restrictions apply. Exclusive Gold member discounts: discounts range from 15% to 75%. Home Gold: Limited to 1 Xbox One in home; restrictions apply. Xbox Live Gold required for online multiplayer and Smart Match matchmaking. Smart Match matchmaking and Cloud Hosted Multiplayer available in supported games. Games including Titanfall and Halo sold separately. Halo Spartan Assault available now on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Halo 5: Guardians coming 2015. Requirements and available features vary across consoles; Multiplayer between Xbox One and Xbox 360 not supported. See